Web3 is the future.

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Web3 is the future.

Mar 27, 2023ยท

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Web3 (decentralized AI) is the future. Yes, I really mean it. I believe that since the emergence of Artificial Intelligence recently.

Yesterday, one of my students asked me a question. She asked, "How will AI take tech jobs or is it the same hype just like Web3?".

I signed, then pondered a little bit before looking straight into the thin air. This is what I told her:๐Ÿ‘‡

AI seems more credible and reliable than Web3. Web3's effect on human activities is not as intense and permanent as that of AI. Web3's hype was built on a reward system that was deeply rooted in loss and gain but AI is very different.

Its rewards are needs and opportunities devoid of an impending loss in monetary terms like Web3. Our loss in AI is our ways of life, experience, jobs and many other things, all of which are not obvious like those of Web3.

With the look of things, AI hype can only be killed by nature, human or governmental rulings because it provides for our core needs and wants in monetary, emotional and practical terms; so it is a bit different from the hype of Web3.

Artificial Intelligence is a curse and a blessing

It is a curse because it will end many of our ways of life -- it calls for totally different ways of seeing things:

First, companies will need fewer and fewer employees to serve millions of people for the fact that AI will make their tasks faster and slapping automation on AI will make everything so simple to deal with so fewer employees will be needed.

Second, we have to forgo our ways of life because a lot of values and things we really appreciate and love to do or perceive will go into the thin air.

Writing, coding, learning, teaching, parenting, business and almost everything has to change and it won't be easy to adapt. If the AI wave continues without reaching a plateau quickly, our ways of life will be radically revolutionized.

Third, we have to restart almost everything. We need to reinvent almost everything. You can't just take evidence just because it seems real to you. For example, you can't jail a person for seeing their face committing a crime. We need to reinvent another way to prove this.

Fourth, all of this proves that science and everything is just an illusion only that looks real to human perception. Anyway, this is the time I have been waiting for.

Artificial intelligence is a blessing

AI is a blessing and from my angle, it looks like the blessing is more than the curse.

First, it will create more jobs that require different skills and abilities other than those common today. For the fact that we need to reinvent a lot of things, and research jobs will be common. And many more interesting jobs that require quantitative and qualitative smartness will be created.

That is why I have been working on how to take kids and adults' abilities and intelligence to the next level.

Second, more companies will emerge. Many founders will come up with amazing ways to make life easier and found companies as a result. This will also create more jobs and many other opportunities.

Third, Changing financial class will be strongly connected to your hard and smart work. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, changing class will be so much easier. Rising to the top and falling to the bottom will be common because disruption will be the major mover of AI. Hard and smart work is the future.

Four, Web3 will be great again. Decentralization is necessary to make sure the wealth gap is not in a ratio of 1% to 99%, it has to be done with care though. So a lot of innovative people will decentralize AI and many big AIs will be disrupted. If companies like openAI are not careful, they will all die too.

Better still AI will be safer for all of us if it is "Open sourcely" decentralized. Web3 (decentralized AI) is the future.

What do you think?